Call Center Metrics

Twenty three important call center metrics for inbound call center

All the metrics you need to know that matters in an inbound call center
Call centers are pounded with a massive volume of calls. There is a wealth of data for an inbound call center that can help you to figure out what’s going on in your call center and stay at the top of the game. We have put in all the call center metrics together that should matter to you.

  • Abandoned Call Rate (ACR)

The percentage of calls that were disconnected by the callers before speaking to the call center agent is called the abandoned call rate. The abandoned call rate is an indication of negative customer experience. ACR also increases the cost of operations for the center.

The formula for calculating ACR percentage is:

Abandoned rate percentage= Abandoned Calls / (Abandoned Calls + Answered Calls) X 10

  • Agent turnover rate/ Agent Attrition Rate

The Agent Turnover Rate is the percentage of agents leaving the position (due to internal promotion) or quitting the job. It is also the attrition rate. Call Center industry has the highest turnover jobs compared to any other industry. The turnover rate is estimated to be more than 30% 9http://qatc.org/winter-2015-connection/exploring-call-center-turnover-numbers/). It has a detrimental impact on the bottom line of the call center.

It is imperative for the call center managers to have a clear understanding of how to calculate and measure agent turnover rates to maintain smooth operations flow due to the shortage of staffing.

Attrition Rate= Number of attritions/average number of employees x 100

  • Agent Idle Time

Agent Idle Time is the idle time spent by an agent because of the lack of calls. The agent is in active mode waiting to take calls. It is paid but unproductive time.

A study by the Aberdeen found that agents spent 25% of their time idle.

In a call center environment where the agents are taking back to back calls, the idle time comes as a relief. If agents are 100% productive, it will burn them out affecting the attrition rate. However, too much of idle time needs to be investigated as it means burning cash.

  • Average Waiting Calls (AWT) /Average Speed of Answer

Average Handle Time

Average Call Transfer Rate

Average after Call Work Time

The average age of Query

Call Duration

Call Volume Trends

Call Quality

Cost Per Contact

Customer Retention & Churn Rate

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

First Call Resolution

Forecasting Accuracy

Peak Hour Traffic

Queue time

Service Level

Transfer Rate

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