Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Lifeline to your business. Win your customer’s heart.

A Call Center Services for SMEs that fits your budget

We at Floyd Consultancy honestly believe “Customer is the King.” The call center service is not just a unit but the lifeline of your business.

Rightly so because of the call center representatives who communicate with your customers day in and out. They are the true ambassador and the voice of the business.

The call center can win you loyal customers and significantly bring down your customer acquisition cost. While there is numerous benefit, we often get so busy with other tasks that sometimes it takes a backseat.

Having an in-house team can be a solution for some but not for many especially if you are a startup or you are focused on improving your margins.

Having an in-house team, apart from the usual salary, costs a lot of resources, a support team, time and effort.

By hiring our call center services, you not only bring down the cost but you strike out a lot of hectics tasks from your schedule. You can now focus on things that matter while we become a part of your wingman and handle all the customer service interaction.


Why choose Floyd Consultancy as your Call Center? 

Affordable Pricing


Our call center services are tailor-made specific to your business needs. Our cloud-based call center is way cheaper than maintaining an in-house team. If you are a startup or a small business, you can go for our pay per minute, and as you grow, you can hire a full-time rep to handle calls for you.

Flexibility to do more


When you let your customer communication to an expert you can focus on other tasks such as sales and marketing. More than that we are a one-stop solution for you. We offer various other business support functions to make sure you don’t waste time hunting solutions.

Quality and consistency


Our call center reps are trained on all the aspects of communication and products. Our quality team monitors them to ensure we provide your customers consistently with uniform and quality service across all channels in every interactions be it chat, email, phone or social media.

Call Center solutions for your business

Inbound Call Center Services

Customer Service

Don’t leave your customer hanging dry just because you are understaffed. Our customer service reps are awesome and friendly. They go an extra mile to help your customer.

Appointment Setting

Missed calls are missed opportunities. Our agents are working around-the-clock to help your customers book a slot for your business. Our team focuses on appointment so that you can focus on delivering your services.

Answering Service

Our team becomes your virtual assistant to answer your business calls round the clock. Make it super easy for your clients to reach out to you and communicate with you. Never miss an opportunity.

Order Management

People often quit purchasing process if they feel stuck or do not have answers to their questions. A live answering service can come for rescue. We help your customers to place their orders and purchase the product.

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Call Center Services to grow your business

Before getting into call center services, let’s take a look into what a call center is. A call center is a unit that handles all the incoming and outgoing business calls of the business.

Call center deals with communicating with the clients, supporting them, and making calls as per the requirement.

A call center is the voice of your brand.

You need a team that is trained to deliver a WOW experience consistently across all the forms of communication.

Call center services refer to the services provided by the telemarketing team and deals with a high volume of phone calls. The call center services is a lot more than just picking up the phones.

Different types of Call Center Service

There are primarily two types of call center services, inbound, and outbound.


Inbound are the incoming calls from the leads or current customer into the call center. At present, the call center is not just for calls, but it has expanded to emails, live chats, and text, also.

Types of Inbound Call Center

Customer Service

These are the most common and widely used service. The agents receive the calls made by customers. They reply to all the inquiries made by clients and help them with the product or service.

The calls can be as simple as faq about the product or the service and can be as complicated as answering billing statements. The latter will matter based on the expertise a call center can offer.

Some of the companies may use customer service rep to make an upsell over the phone to improve their sales opportunity and ROI.

Inbound Sales

The inbound sales deals with calls from the leads/prospects. The lead may have seen your ad online or offline and wants to learn more about the product.

Inbound sales can also include a team of closers selling your product. For example, a travel company such as TripAdvisor may receive calls from travelers who are looking for a vacation package. The sales rep's job will be to understand the requirement and then sell the best option.

Technical Support

Technical support always comes handy when your computer seems to be giving you a tough time.

A call center with technical support can handle anything from the installation of software to as complex as networking and Server monitoring.


Outbound calls are just the opposite of inbound calls. The outgoing calls are made from the call center to people. The calls are made for a specific reason.

These are also not limited to calls but can take place in the form of emails, live chats from the website and even texts.

Types of Outbound Call Center


This is the call where the agents call the earlier generated leads who have shown the interest.

The potential customers are pitched, and the leads are converted to buyers. The goal of this call is to sell.

Lead Generation

Lead generation calls are outbound calls made to random people to inform them about the services and see if it matches their need.

A lead generation call center will have expertise and patience to handle the cold calling. These calls are made for identifying the buyers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

These calls are made for the sole purpose of doing surveys. Customer representative calls people or users and questions them regarding the service. The information is then updated and stored in the company’s database.

The collected data is verified, analyzed, processed, and an output is obtained. Such data and information help a company make better strategies, know the users need and have insights into the market trend.

Why We need a call center?

1) Cost and Time Reduction

Your company has invested a massive amount of money, effort and time to build a product or service. People have started using your services too. Now its time to support customers.

At this peak point of your company, you would not want to spend a lot of time, and money on customer support. However, you can hire a call center to get the job done at half or less the price. The call center agents are well trained and acknowledge what they should do. In the meantime, you can focus on making your product better and bigger.

2) Provide 24/7/365 service

What people of 21st century want is 24/7/365 service. If your customer needs you and your customer service is not available because you cannot give 24/7/365 service, write this down, you will start losing customers.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be available 24/7/365, your call center will do that for you.

This will provide your clients with a high level of convenience. Happy customers are returning customers.

3) Increase Customer Satisfaction

When customers can receive excellent customer support and 24/7/365 service, the customer will most likely never leave your brand. Studies have shown that the one reason for customer switching a brand is due to poor customer support. Satisfied customers are loyal customers. Thanks to the Call Center, you will never lose another client.

4) Increased Professionalism

The call center agents are well-equipped with the knowledge in dealing with the customers most professionally. The customer has acquaintance with agents who are an attentive listener and handle them with a positive attitude. This increases the user experience of the people, and thus the image of the company gets even better.

Who needs Call Center Services?

Seriously, Call Centers are very underrated.

Phone calls are potent tools for doing successful business. There is fierce competition out there. Thousands of brands selling the same stuff. Your product must stand out. What’s more important than having new clients, not losing your old clients. If a company is aiming for loyal customers, you cannot leave your customer calls be unanswered.

If you run a business, and you have more than 10k users/customers, you need a call center. Trust me you do.

Here is a list of some industries which needs a Call Center.


In the history of Retail business, the present market is the most competitive market. Whether you have a big retail business or a blooming one, it is tough for everyone to dominate the market. To stay ahead of the pack, you need to keep the customer satisfied and made them come back to you.

Another top priority should Marketing. You need to reach out to new people. Keep the business growing.

This is where Call Center comes to the rescue. Call Center will take care of the customer complaints and inquiries. And, all the information will be stored in the database. You can research all their claims and use them to make business better.

The Call Center will further do the Marketing of your brand. They have different online and offline campaigns. They will also generate leads for you.


The transportation industry is a bustling industry, and during some seasons, it can be a lot hectic. Transportation sectors like airlines, buses, trains or rental companies are on a high rise. Now people are traveling more than they used to.

People are continually calling their travel agency and making inquiries. People need to make reservations, cancel reservations, postpone their ticket or prepone them. There are also billing queries. Communication with the customers become significant.

Call centers can help you in dealing with these scenarios. They help your company get organized. They can do booking confirmations for you. People might have made booking through websites or Messenger. It is necessary to call them to confirm the booking and be assured.

Different problems occur during payment. The call center agents can interact with clients having billing and payment issues.


Healthcare institutes are critical sectors. They need to be available 24/7/365. They should provide patients with all the help with making appointments, follow-ups, discharge details, reminders of appointments, and postponing or preponing according to the situation.

The person making the call needs to be very attentive. They need to hear the patients requirement. They cannot make any mistakes. A minor mistake can cause a significant impact on the brand name. People can be sensitive when it comes to their health.

The healthcare has already invested millions for their services. Spending more money and time for training people does not make sense. But if a healthcare institute still wants to do it. They first need to hire an in-house trainer. Then hire new employees. Train them well.

This is just too much work and effort. Hiring Call Center can be the right solution.

There are Call Centers handling Medical sector. The agents are aware of all the medical services and needs. They are trained to guide the caller about the discharge details and follow up details.

The Call Center Agents are also aware of the sensitivity of the healthcare industry. They perform all their activities within the healthcare protocols. All the information of the hospital and patients remain confidential. The hospital does not need to worry about the work not being up to the mark.


Insurance companies are in existence since the last few decades. They are doing quite well since their origin. And the competition has also increased.

They have to deal a lot with people and their information.

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