Costly mistakes to avoid in a lead generation campaign

Lead generation improvement tips for better results

Good that you have decided to take implement lead generation into as a part of your sales strategy. If you are already doing it or have outsourced it and not getting enough results or are getting a lot of heat and poor results, this article can help you with it. Often a lot of lead generation campaigns start off on a wrong foot and eventually lands you in hot water.

Before starting your lead generation campaign:

Not spending enough time to define your target audience

Not everyone will buy your product or service. It is best to narrow down and identify the ideal customers who have the need for what you have to offer. The Internet is one of the best yet free tools that can help you discover your target audience through forums, social media, etc. You must spend good enough amount of time on creating a profile of your ideal customer. Once done do have a hard look at it one more time.

Not hiring right staff.

Let’s face it, (I am sure some may agree while other may not) sales is not everybody’s cup of tea. We need people who can handle pressure and deliver with a smile. Right team members are the pillar of the campaign. You can get average results with average data and good sales people but you will get no results with average data and poor sales rep. Create a filter system to identify the crème de la crème.

Insufficient training

Often great salespeople have failed to perform because of lack of adequate training, including product and sales. Businesses have a lawsuit filed against them due to misrepresentation. Also, nobody will buy if they do not have an understanding of your product or services. For some, that may buy will probably become an unhappy one. You will end up gaining a bad reputation that will tarnish your brand image. Training is essential as to ensure that the message you want to convey versus the message that is being perceived is in sync with each other.

Now that you have launched a lead generation campaign:

Not dedicating adequate resource to monitor

Clients often take avoid time and pain to monitor what is going on. The lead generation company or representative is representing your brand. When people speak with them they don’t know and quite frankly don’t care that the person they are speaking with is a subcontractor or a freelancer, for them they are speaking with you. You want to ensure that your brand is being represented in a professional and pleasant manner. You want to keep a watch on the outflow of the information. To do this you can hire an internal team to randomly monitor calls or perhaps hire a third QA company that can assist you with it.

Not having a team meeting

You may often think that I have outsourced the job and it is their part to deliver the performance, boost team morale, etc. this isn’t true. You have to get involved in all the aspect. If you can take out only 15 mins a week for a pre or post meeting with guys who are calling for you, it will help you know about team morale. This alone goes a long way. The other advantage of a team meeting is that you will know about the data and customer feedback from the team members who are at the forefront.

Not doing any form of reward and recognition

Yes, every company has a reward and recognition program for their employees, however, an R&R from you would give a feeling that you appreciate their efforts and in turn they will appreciate your efforts, too. Remember that until they are working for you, they are a part of your team and you must make them feel like it not with words but with action. They are your internal customers and a happy internal customer translates to a happy external customer.

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