We love to serve people and make a positive difference.

At Floyd Consultancy, we believe in the mantra of happy internal customers   translates to happy external customers. We create a fun loving stress-free environment for our service reps to make sure that your customers feel the same.

Winning a customer is a battle but retaining is a challenge too especially in today’s cut throat competition. Not only established firms but start-ups can pose up a significant threat to your existing customer base. New products and services are launching every now and then in the market. So what differentiates you.

It is established time and again that most of your customers switch to your competitors, not because of the product but often due to the quality of your service you provide. We make your customer service as a USP by making their experience pleasant. We believe in exceeding expectation.

Our customer service reps are educated individuals holding a minimum of degree in formal education or equivalent years of experience in service industry.

We offer our services starting from a very low price of $7-$15. Our rate is not our competitive advantage but the expertise and our service level combined is. We are quality driven people.

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