Struggling with the quality of leads? Are your clients leaving you because of it? Or are you a buyer who is struggling everyday with bad fake leads being sold to you?

Are you struggling with lead quality? Automated verification can be handy but can never be the only solution. Why? People still love human touch. You can verify information but you can never verify the intent and understand the situation. This is where we come into picture.

Our friendly consultants speak with people to verify their details including name, address, phone number and intent but that is not all. We use email verification software while on the phone to ensure that the email address captured it correct. We use human and internal intelligence to deliver the result.

Human beings are social animal. People love to talk with people. We call and verify their information with 100% accuracy. We also verify their intent.

Using our brilliant consultants to gain reputation and tools to verify information makes it 200% accurate. That is intelligent verification.

Our verification program, even with all the tools and people involve, is cost-effective. We offer best price in the industry.

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