Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant Company

Thanks to technology and their advancement over the years, virtual assistance first began in 1990. A Virtual Assistant (aka VA) is an independent provider providing support to businesses from off-location.

VAs have made a significant difference by eliminating the traditional overhead and hassles associated with having a team in-house.

Often we are in a dilemma and have questions such as “Should we hire  a VA?” or “Is it the right time to find a VA?”

Below are some of the reasons you should consider VA services

1. Reduce Cost

Running a business has a lot of errands. Some are significant, and some are trivial tasks. None can be ignored.

If you are a solopreneur will need to keep on changing caps to meet those. BAD MOVE!!! You may feel like you are saving money but honestly (if your time is money) you are wasting dollars and chasing for pennies.

We all know sales and marketing is the backbone of the business. It is where you will want to spend most of the time instead of customer service. Not saying that customer service is not essential it is equally important but generating revenue should be the primary focus.

Outsourcing your customer service to a virtual assistant services company saves you a lot of headache and #metime. Hiring offshore virtual assistant services will not only save you time but costs as well.

Do you know that you can hire on an average of three VA’s for the cost of one?

Consider the additional bills which include benefits, office space, internet, and utilities. Financially, it is a strain that may not be compatible in your situation right now.

2. Save Emotional Draining

Hiring a team and hiring the right team are two different things. The latter will drain your energy. It takes a limitless amount of time, emotional draining and costs to create the right time.

Emotional draining is what you will experience when you have to fire a colleague because they did not meet expectation. You realize the fact that they did not meet the expectation was because of your incompetence.

Once you have a team member is onboard you will now need to train and mentor them. Mentoring is a whole new level of the task. A new guy with no experience will more or less need babysitting to understand your process.

Your customer experience can have a significant impact that may cripple your business.

Now count in the attrition factor. Employees will leave that’s the harsh reality of today. You will have an additional responsibility to make your entrepreneurial journey miserable.

You will have a sleepless night because of the fear of attrition. You will always need to headhunt for the talent. Imagine your personal life taking a toll because of your professional life.

3. Save time and reduces unnecessary workload.

Ask any successful entrepreneur and that common advice you will get is “Utilizing time in the right tasks is the key to keep your momentum going.”

You want to focus 200% on tasks that have a direct impact on revenue. You want to focus on opportunities and capitalizing it instead “Is my employee going to turn in to the office today?” or “Why is this stupid computer not working?” something silly and stupid which needs least of your attention.

When you are busy with a lot of things, you cannot focus on specific tasks. It’s tough. At times, you might feel like you’re spread too thin.

Running business needs focusing on the internal and external customer. Not only onboarding them but keeping them happy.

A virtual assistant company is your partner. They hire and onboard the internal customers and make sure they are “Happy.” You can focus on bringing an external customer on board.

The VA company will hire not only save time and money, but it takes away all the unnecessary admin and technical tasks such as food, water, coffee, snacks, payroll, attendance, computer and what not.

Working with an offshore VA company eliminates all the energy, cost and time that needs for your business to function smoothly.

4. Chasing after freelancers

Yes, hiring a freelancer will cost you a lot lesser compared to a virtual assistant company. After all, a freelancer only has to take care of his immediate expense and nothing else.

A company has to invest in infrastructure, an HR team, a Finance team, etc. which you would have to if you had a company.

There is no harm in hiring a freelancer, but only a few are lucky ones. In general, freelancers show zero accountability. Freelancers will often leave you if they find a better paying client or sometimes wholly disappear with no notice.

They will leave you completely hanging dry and jeopardize your business. Freelancers have zero at stake. They are guys whose only investment are their laptops and internet which was there any way for their personal use.

The VA company has a massive investment in infrastructure, comparatively which needs to be recouped. They hire and train team on your behalf. They have to answer to them and local authorities. They are more regulated and disciplined compared to a freelancer.

They are more likely to stick with you or give you a notice period if there is a change in plans.

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