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Reduce the Noise and Focus on what Matters

Your company is growing and you are understaffed. You have so much to do but there are only 24 hours in a day. So you decide it’s time to hire a team member.

So if you decide to go that route, all of the things you need to do is :

1) Research, refine and create job responsibilities

2) Conduct interview with dozens if not hundred to shortlist and hire a candidate

3) Buy new office furniture and maybe find a new place you can call the office (your expense is going over the roof)

4) You need to create an offer letter and plan out onboarding

All these hassles and imagine if the things do not pan out the way it does. It seems like a doomsday.

The other way, fairly easy and within your budget, is to hire a Virtual Assistant company like Floyd Consultancy.

Our VA will take away all the task you can be better off so that you can work on things that matter and need your immediate attention.

Some of the benefits of hiring a VA service? 

More Me Time


Virtual Assistants takes trivial and overwhelming tasks that eat up the whole day. As the CEO, your job is to create a strategy not to spend your time in such works. You need a break to think, to network and to quality time with family. The VA gives you that me time you have been looking for.

Experts on demand


Business owners have a lot at hand to do. If you are a solopreneur, you can’t do everything, and you can’t be an expert. You need to create a team, but you do not have enough resource and time to train them. With us, you can hire an expert as and when you need them.

Quality and consistency


Our VA team is trained on all the aspects of communication and products. Our quality team monitors them to ensure we provide your customers consistently with uniform and quality service across all channels in every interactions be it chat, email, phone or social media.

Virtual Assistants for busy bees

Some of our VA expertise

Data Entry

If you are a business, you have to deal with the data. The data is an asset, and you can’t skip it. It’s time-consuming and hiring someone in-house just for the task is too expensive.

Floyd Consultancy helps you focus on the big picture by handling little details.

Appointment Setting

Missed calls are missed opportunities. Our agents are working around-the-clock to help your customers book a slot for your business. Our team focuses on appointment so that you can focus on delivering your services.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the backbone of any SEO strategy. It requires a lot of time and expertise. If you choose the wrong keyword, you will end up trying forever to rank your website.

Our VAs will do competitor research and find out the low hanging fruit.

Order Management

People often quit purchasing process if they feel stuck or do not have answers to their questions. A live answering service can come for rescue. We help your customers to place their orders and purchase the product.

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Virtual Assistant Services a true partner to grow your business

All these hassles and imagine if the things do not pan out the way it does. It seems like a doomsday.

The other way, relatively easy and within your budget, is to hire a Virtual Assistant company like Floyd Consultancy.

Our VA will take away all the task you can be better off so that you can work on things that matter and need your immediate attention.

As a small business and solopreneur, you may find yourself understaffed and overwhelmed with tasks that are tedious and time-consuming.

Hiring a full-time employee may not be a feasible option especially if you are in a start-up level. It’s not because of the finances but the amount of time and resource it takes to create

What is a Virtual Assistant?

With the launch of the internet in the 1990s, the role of VA in the e-world started. A Virtual Assistant is a real person offering support services to businesses online.

Just like the personal assistant in your real life, the VA is the online task handler.

What Services Does a Virtual Assistant Provide?

Virtual Assistant can do just about anything. Either it is business work or sending cards or managing your social media; the list is very long. Here is some of what VA’s majorly do:

1. Email management
2. Social media management
3. Customer Service
4. Content writing
5. Researching
6. Calendar management
7. editing
8. Marketing/ promotion
9. Graphic designing
10. Data entry
11. Travel arranger
12. Web designing
13. Ghostwriting
14. Counseling
15. Tutoring

We have mentioned just a list of fifteen, but the range of jobs VA’s performance is much more.

A Virtual Assistant covers a range of different tasks as the above list. But, there are some key areas on which they focus.

1. Research

Research work for professional firms assures eye-opening results. Studies have proved that companies organizing much research grew the fastest. Researching takes a lot of time. Many brand owners make the mistake of pushing the “research” activity aside as they often focus more on growing. We tend to underestimate the importance of research.

It is where the role of the VA is crucial.

Having a VA do the research is a huge time-saver. Researching is the nitty-gritty for any business, brand or even a start-up company.

Whether it be finding investors, market data or an office place, a virtual assistant can do all of it.

2. Email Manager

Unlike other communication modes, email has been the most potent form for business conversation.

You possibly check your email several times every hour. An average of 4.1 hours is spent every day on checking emails that total 20.5 hours each week. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2016/10/03/how-many-hours-of-your-life-have-you-wasted-on-work-email-try-our-depressing-calculator/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.ecfb85a8f0f7) You could imagine the amount of loss in income you can have when you can do something more productive.

Keeping up with the inbox, when you are a growing firm is big trouble. Managing multiple email ids and the workload can be overwhelming if you are a solopreneur or have a small team.

That is why business owners lose track of their customers and essential activity. A virtual assistant can be very handy.

Delegating the email management task to VA can organize your inbox, save you time, improve responsiveness and email productivity.

They can respond to the inquiries, handle clients, organize inbox, etc.

3. Social Media

Social media has been vital for businesses looking to create a brand, communicate with customers and have a viral success.

People update and browse social media at all hours of the day. During that time rather than just browsing, they are setting opinions about the company.

It’s not like you build an account, then you ultimately make your virtual presence. Many businesses often fail because of no structure or real commitment to social media. You need to have a social media plan- a checklist, your short and long-term goals, recurring tasks. Working with a VA can lessen the bulk of the work for you.

A social media virtual assistant can manage your social accounts and grow the number of followers. The VA can maintain the social media presence of your business and open up the door for clients.

4. Content creation

A blog is a lead magnet. Blog writing has become an essential strategy for creating a presence of any website.

Creating content can direct your viewers to search for articles and valuable information. It makes a sense to “go virtual” when you hardly find the time to manage between answering emails, sitting for meetings, talking with clients. Many VA deal with writing content, blogging, ghostwriting and more for websites. The web page owners hire them so that they can maintain the constant flow of contents.

5. Organizational Job

As been said, they are just like your real-life personal assistant. Similar to what a personal assistant does, they can manage everything for you. Whether they are scheduling meetings, travel logs or a calendar, they can handle all. Like many business owners need to travel, a VA can book tickets, arrange pickups and also reserve your settlements. Out of work, VA can still be available to work for daily tasks of your personal life. Such as answering phone calls, making appointments with your doctor and a lot. A virtual assistant can cover all of these tasks for you. That way you can rest assured that everything has been taken care.

Reasons to Use a Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever wondered how companies skyrocket to success? There is no secret but a correctly executed method. Virtual Assistant to any company is like a secret weapon to win over competitors. They are the game-changer to any business.

Here we will be discussing the reasons why you should take a VA.

1. Time-Saver

If you are not counting the time of your working hours, you are making a big error that can charge you with your productivity. Time plays the most valuable role in any business. Because if you don’t function at the right time, you will surely be left behind. Such as, you have an online store selling goods that have already been out of the trend, which ultimately means you were not able to keep on track. Here comes the need of having a VA. These virtual PA analyse your daily routine, without you having the time to think and develop ideas. A VA allows you to break through the gap that exists between startup and growth.

2. Lower your Capital Needs

Everyone knows, business begins with finance that includes plenty of charges. These costs can be of hiring a worker, workplace rent or other expenses. Hiring a virtual PA reduces not only the cost of the worker but also the ongoing expenses of management. Without having to blow your balance sheet, you can ensure productive work recruiting a VA. Another part is that you can hire them by the hour for specific business tasks. In addition to that, if you have to employ a full-time regular employee, they might need training. It means rather than paying for training; you could hire VAs with skills to do specialised projects for a certain period. That will result in saving money in the long run.

3. Decrease your Workload

Being a business owner, the stress related to work keeps piling up. The important tasks often get shadowed due to the busy schedule. In these cases having a virtual assistant becomes beneficial. They are the skilled professionals ensuring organised workflow. The best part of hiring a VA is they value time and make sure completing the task within the time frame due to their hourly rate nature. They can perform several duties on research work, data entry, email management, and many more. All that can help get you out of the workload problems.

4. Flexibility

The flexible nature is the huge perk of the job. Its benefit goes both ways. The Virtual Assistant is a freelancer who is willing to work in their time, and when it comes to business owners, they can assign work hours that they think would be profitable for their business. For such, online store offer 24×7 customer service, so that means you can hire VAs from other parts of the world to manage shifts at night. Different time zone works in favour to attend customer service issues. That automatically helps you widen your market reach. Besides, that employers don’t have to worry about finding new employees, they can just go virtual.

5. High Efficiency

In comparison to hiring a full-time employee, VAs are believed to improve results. Many employers pay VAs based on their productive hours. Just as been said, VAs are an employee who works for specific tasks within a specified period. That means the result they put in is faster and costs way less. As they are skilled individuals, they can perform duties swiftly without having you to make time for training them. Other than that, business owners rely on VAs without having to worry about mistakes.

6. Have the best

Many of the companies own hiring manager, to get the best of all while selecting an employee. But even after several processes of an interview, they hardly find the right ones. Being a business owner who would not want to have the best of the best?. When we talk about Virtual Assistants, they are the personals who understand businesses thoroughly. The greatest part is that they are all skilled and willing to work at low rates. Even, they are the professionals having experience at an international level.

7. Safe Way to Scale up

Being the owner of the company, you need to keep in mind many things and what affects it can have on the business. You need to keep a tab on operating cost. That meant scaling up on a full-time employee is a risky part as the employers have to pay them even if there is no work. The idea of hiring a VA offers a safe way to scale-up. Employers can adjust working hours as per their needs. The most incredible part of having a VA in your business is you can get millions of people from over the world with skill and at low work rates.

Some of the benefits of scaling up on VAs are:

  • VAs from the different part of the world ensure work in favour of the business. VAs can enable 24×7 service that can effectively attend customer issues and grow your business.
  • Different companies have various demands. Based on what niches you want them to work, you can find professionals who are experienced in that field.
  • Virtual Assistants are hired on a contractual basis. That means you can hire, terminate, or replace them whenever you want. Also, their work is based on hourly rates so, you can have them at your specified time.

8. More Leisure Time

Life of a business owner is very stressing and is a hassle with all the things to manage. Entrepreneurs now have realised the importance of assigning the task to VAs so that they can focus more on growing business. Having a VA performing most of the tasks frees up your time for yourself. Recruiting VAs also allows you to have more leisure time to spend some time with your friends and family.

Is Virtual Assistant a Good Job?

The lifestyle of a VA has a standard set of benefits. They can be their own boss and get paid for their work. The answer to if Virtual Assistant is a good job is that, they are a benefit for both business owners and themselves. Every company owners need an assistant and VAs are the right choice. They play a significant part in helping your company in streamlining your workflow, saving money and boosting up the efficiency. Many VAs all over the world believe, it is worth to select VA as a career. Anyone wanting ease with their work each day, this is a great opportunity. The comfort of working from home, at the hours of their choice and with a better sense of control is what makes this job a right and wise decision.

The reason how the VA is a good job is:

I) Liberty on choice

There are many professions to choose from, but the working nature would not be as of a VA. We all want to have an adjustable schedule, but it’s not always what we can get. The positive part of becoming a virtual assistant is the liberty to make your schedule as per your need. It means you get the leisure of spending more time with your children, friends or family. That is why many of the housewives have taken up this field of work. Just as that the thought of working from home is appealing to most people. When you are a virtual assistant, you are free to work from anywhere virtually. Whether it be the type of work, time of work, the location where you work from, or how much you want to work, it all depends on you. The privilege to all this ensures in developing and growing personally by working for different kind of firms and projects.

II) Set Own Rates

The days when employers used to pay at the estimated rate and increment as per time is all old school. Being a VA is really a work with a lot of benefits. Now you have control over how much you charge and when to raise your rates. Other than that, on days when you need some extra finance, VA offers a chance to choose what your pay will be is a plus. You can work accordingly as per how much money you need.

III) Easy start-up career

You don’t want to have that crappy 9 to 5 schedule, but you want to make money promptly because of your daily expenses. Whatever the reason, the Virtual Assistant is the right choice to get things moving up fast. The start-up cost of a VA is very minimal. As you begin, you can either invest in learning skills or just start with the basic skills you already have. Basically, you just need a laptop and some software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Grammarly app. Many VAs love it because they can offer even their simple skill by getting money.

IV) Wear anything

You are doing all that office work, you are an assistant to your boss, but you don’t have to be formal or need to wear anything official. The job of the VA relies upon working virtually; they ensure digital nomad lifestyle that allows them to work independently from any location regardless of what clothes they need to wear.

What qualifications are required to be a virtual assistant?

A VA can perform any tasks from simple to highly skilled jobs. As a beginner in the VA career, you don’t need a specific level of education. Your level of education and practical skill highly depend on the working nature or job role you will perform. Many begin this career by starting their own business or signing a contract with VA agencies. Some minor jobs like data-entry do not need you to have a bachelors degree. Well based on experience, an individual with a high school diploma or general educational development help you along the way to your V A career.

Qualities Every Virtual Assistant Needs To Have

VA, working for yourself is a continual evolving journey that wants you to think for yourself in many creative ways. As a VA, you are the master of simple skills; you perform tasks swiftly, you work to reach the expectation of your clients. But without certain qualities, you can’t have your clients coming back again and again.

I) Reliability: When clients search for VAs, they often look for someone reliable just like their real-time employee. Due to numerous frauds happening through the internet, many employers find it hard to rely upon anyone with their database and personal information. No matter how qualified VA skills you have or how cheaply you offer your work if you are not reliable, you lose clients. Being a VA, you should be dependable and deliver output within the turn around time as agreed on. A VA that cannot be trusted means more work on your clients part and less productive results.

II) Flat rates: In today’s business world, there are many options when it comes to hiring a VA. Many clients prefer VAs who have flat rates. That means the charge remains the same in all cases. It is because the VAs offering flat rates claim to lessen the risk of additional costs for clients. The hourly pricing also ensures clients to benefit and manage the hourly usage that can be fruitful for their business.

III) Management skills: As been said, VAs are your virtual personal assistant. They are part of your managing team. They are involved in organizing your schedule, meetings and own works as well. They manage everything to make an effective workflow by creating structures to support or accomplish a plan that your original team can follow for productive results.

IV) Resourcefulness:

V) Friendly personality:

VI) Communicable: Being a VA often involve communication between your clients, teammates, and customers of your client. For a VA, not having a techy skill but good communication skill is imperative to succeed.

VII) Ability to multitask: One of the top ten things a virtual assistant must do is take on multiple tasks for multiple clients.

It takes organization, efficiency, and proper scheduling, but it’s critical for virtual assistant success.