Team outing- River Rafting @ Bhotekoshi

Weekends are special themselves but this was the most awaited one. After an extensive research on what could be the most refreshing activity, we finally decided it was rafting in Sukute. We all gathered on Saturday night so that nobody is left behind the next morning. Since we have had only one SUV and picking up everyone from various pickup points will be hectic. Public vehicles are very rare at early morning in Kathmandu, too. It was a gala time spent on Saturday night enjoying food and drinks and we got to know each other better. We had to sleep early so that we can wake up early morning, but you know sleeping early isn’t really our cup of tea.


The first one to go off to sleep amongst us was at 01:00 am. Sounds crazy, right? but, we had a lot of fun.
So our journey began with a Sunday’s sunny morning welcoming us but not for long. In Kathmandu, the weather was quite unpredictable. You never know when it would rain and when would Sun would come up to rescue.
We set up with all of our basic amenities and started our journey at 07:00AM in the morning. River Bay Resort, Sukute was our destination which is 68.4KM away from Kathmandu and should take about 2-3 hours of driving if there is no traffic and/or other problems. After an hour of traveling, we stopped for tea at Dhulikhel. We then continued our journey with sprinkling drops of rain that were turning trees into a lush green. It was truly a captivating road journey with freshness all around us. It was refreshing to see mountains and green forest cleaned with rain.


Finally, we reached Sukute at around 10 am. We went to find out tents and changed to get ready for rafting. After half an hour of rest, we were ready for adventurous whitewater rafting. Our starting point was almost 7 kilometers away from the resort so we went to the initial point in our SUV which was having a bit of technical problem, but thanks to Niraj, he somehow drove us to the point. We were told that rafting would start from sharp 10:00 am but you know it is very rare that planning works exactly as we plan (I guess that’s why it’s called plan). It was apparent that preparations are going to take time meanwhile we got busy taking photos and throwing stones in the river to bounce it off the surface. We were enjoying our stay at the bank of Sunkoshi river while things were getting ready. Finally, our rafting boat was ready to sail us from the initial point to the resort giving us a thrilling experience of rapids in Sunkoshi river as it promised. So we took a group photo, listened to our guideā€™s safety tips, practiced some rowing techniques, wore safety helmets and got the paddle. That was all we needed to start our adventuresome journey in fast flowing water of Sunkoshi.

Sometimes feelings cannot be defined by words but pictures don’t need words to define.



After rafting for 3 hours we were exhausted and hungry. We were actively looking for something to munch. Thanks to Riverbay that welcomed us with nice lunch. We all had lunch and Govind dai started playing pool whereas some went to the river bank with beer. Some were too much tired to do more things and went to tents to take rest.

At night, it is more beautiful here, with a buzzing sound of insects that sounds music in wild, mild lights and splashes of the river meeting its shores makes the surrounding exciting all the more. After having regained some energy we all sat together at night for some drinks and dinner. We sat till late night talking life, business, and ideas. We got to know each other better and we had a great time that night. Next morning after breakfast we headed back to Kathmandu.


This trip was very important for Floyd since it helped our team to get closer. It would eventually help our company to grow and the most important thing is we got to get refreshed from the same day.

River Bay Resort, claims to be the perfect destination for river vacation, we had a great expectation which was fulfilled, indeed.



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